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Yo, what up DGC?! Instead of posting some dank nugs, I decided it’s time to give back to all the DGC that are consistently answering all the grow questions and providing hella knowledge. I am a part of the Ethos Multipass which is pretty fucking sweet if you ask me. Anyways, I get drops that include a wide variety of seeds, some F1s, some fems, some S1s, and some autos. I have an abundance of seeds and I don’t want to neglect them by stashing them away for years. I’m not currently growing autos; so, I thought, maybe one of the daily contributers would like to try some autos. So, I guess my grower question is, which auto and other pack that has the seed count do you want? No number, I have plans for them. First come first pick. I’ll ship em and all as a token of my appreciation. Giving back is an important value to me. I appreciate the DGC for providing a platform to meet so many cool people and learn so much. As a teacher, I know the value of a good education; and, the teachers of the DGC are exceptional at sharing knowledge. Thanks for sharing DGC. It’s vacation time this stoner! Cheers homies!

Attics be hot this time of year!

First photo is just outside the tent. Second is just inside the tent.