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Many cannabis connoisseurs like to get creative at least once in a while. If you have ever thought about using a drinking straw to suck up your cannabis resin, you may, in fact, have been close to developing a nectar collector.

It’s one of the more interesting bits of paraphernalia on the market at the moment and well worth a little of your time and experimentation. Most people who see one for the first time are a little confused about how you are supposed to use it.

So, we’d like to enlighten you. Don’t worry, nectar collectors are just like dab kits but they’re portable.

What is a Nectar Collector?

Imagine a hummingbird hovering over a flower, dipping its pointed beak into the center, and drawing up all that lovely nectar. The nectar collector works on the same basis except that it doesn’t fly but that’s where it got its name.

It’s essentially a glass tube with a pointed end, the main body, and a mouthpiece. At a distance, it can resemble a syringe and that’s not far from what it actually is. But in this case, it’s a syringe for concentrates.

Over the last few years, the nectar collector has started to be used as a portable alternative to the traditional dab rig. You can even percolate your hash or concentrate with water in the main part of the pipe. They can be a little fragile and it’s worth investing in a good quality product but, if you want to widen your cannabis paraphernalia, this is a great option.

How Do You Use a Nectar Collector?

The nectar collector usually comes with a bowl or plate and this is important. It’s what you put your hash or concentrate on. Rather than heat the nail, as you do with a dab rig, and then add the concentrate, you heat the tip of the nectar collector and then spot it into the hash. It’s basically doing dabbing in reverse.

You don’t have to worry about the amount of cannabis you put in the dish because the collector automatically vaporizes a small amount at a time.

Using your nectar collector is simple:

Put your concentrate in the dish.

Heat the tip of your nectar collector with a blow torch or lighter.

Wait a minute for it to cool down and then take it to the dab, drawing the vapor up through the mouthpiece.

The longer you hold the tip against your concentrate, the bigger hit you will get so you need to be careful and get used to the rhythm when you first start to use it.

You can overcome this slight problem by repeatedly dabbing your tip in the concentrate rather than leaving it there to rest.

The tip is important and you can get ones that are titanium or quartz, depending on your preference. Don’t worry if it starts to crack after a while because this shouldn’t affect your experience. The quartz tip seems to have a lot more heat absorption capability but the titanium is generally more durable. Once the vape is collected, it should percolate through the water in the body of the nectar collector and you can draw it into your lungs.

The Pros and Cons of Nectar Collectors

The advantages of nectar collectors include:

These are neat little devices that can vary quite a lot in size but are great for carrying around.

You can get fairly small ones that are perfect for taking around with you to parties and outdoors.

The design is a good talking point. You may be the only one to take a nectar collector to your next social gathering or camping trip.

Everything is self-contained so you don’t have to worry about all the different components as you do with bigger dabbing kits.

It’s actually pretty easy to use. You can just lay out all your hash in the bowl and take a hit when you want. It’s great for sharing too.

There are a few disadvantages:

They can be a little fragile and awkward to carry around even though they are considered portable (everything is relative we guess).

There are different components and if you buy a cheap model it may have a tendency to fall apart.

You can’t control the temperature, at least not yet. With e-nail dabbing rigs, you can get exactly the right temperature whenever you want. For some cannabis connoisseurs, this is a big failing for the device.

While it does have limitations, there are some real benefits to having a nectar collector in your kit. Not least it will impress and amaze the company you are in. It’s easy to use and can be passed around if you have a big plate of cannabis to share. It’s also simple to clean.

How Much Do Nectar Collectors Cost?

The price can vary depending on the quality. You can find very cheap nectar collectors out there but, as with most things, you get what you pay for. If you are serious about your cannabis kit, it’s worth investing in a good quality product though that can set you back around $100 and maybe more.

Tips and Tricks for Using Your Nectar Collector

It always pays to get ahead of the game and these simple tips will improve your experience:

Most nectar collectors are made up of multiple parts. Make sure each piece is screwed in and firmly attached before you begin your dabbing.

You can use joint wax on the connections to give them more purchase and ensure a solid base to do your dabbing.

Don’t overheat the tip of your nectar collector – if it’s glowing red, chances are it’s too hot.

When filling with water, do so slowly and remove the tip to prevent it from getting full. For good percolation, you should be looking to fill about halfway.

We advise drawing up some air from the heated tip just prior to dabbing into your cannabis concentrate for a much better experience.

The nectar collector does take a little getting used to, especially if you have been using a dabbing rig. Once you get the hang of things, however, you can really begin to enjoy using this interesting piece of kit. While it may not take over from the traditional dab rig, it’s a useful thing to have in your collection, especially if you want something that is portable you can dab with.

It’s great for taking to festivals and concerts as well as parties. Next time you go camping, you’ll certainly be glad you have a nectar collector with you if you love dabbing concentrates or herb.