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What’s good DGC? I been growing the dank down in Oklahoma for 19 years come May. Started my first seed at 16 and never looked back. I have done almost anything and everything I can to the plant to learn from it, including teaching myself how to selectively breed. I think there is something we are forgetting to mention about flushing, that I think we all have looked past. The pure synthetic nutrients we used back in the day, absolutely required flushing. I could tell when a grower was heavy handed with the nitrogen back then, because it use to make the buds smoke spicy af. A lot of us learned and accepted that we needed to flush, because we use to need to. Along the way, technology advancement and cannabis becoming more mainstream, pushed nutrients to become more organic based and clean. Even the synthetics on the market today are much, much different than back in the day. Also, hightomaintain mentioned that it takes away vital nutrients and it stops growing. So here is my question: when we stop giving it nutrients, it certainly stresses the plant. Isn’t that why we use stalk splitting, water deprivation, and darkness periods for? To stress the plant into putting more trichs out? I have seen enough lab results with my own eyes to know 48 hours of darkness isn’t “bro science”. Maybe I’m missing something, but theoretically, wouldn’t flushing increase trichs? Sorry for the long post, but I felt like this should be mentioned and discussed. Thanks for all you guys do, (all of the DGC fam) and I hope to bring some of my legit Skunk up there soon for you all to try. Stay lifted!