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Hey there Scotty, Dude, and Guru! First off thank you guys so much for your show, it has been super essential, informative and helpful to us over the last year! Current status- growing in a super soil based on Roots Organic, with home grown worm castings from our own personal on site vermicompost worm bins, Recharge and seed sprout teas (mung bean, alfalfa, and corn) and topped with lava rock. We’re growing under an assortment of LEDs, T-8, and Cree fluorescent for an approximate 350w of veg light. We recently watched your 2/20/2020 episode with Jerin from New Millenium and I was super impressed with his cloning technique as I am new to cloning but have had pretty good success in the past. A friend gifted me a cut of Acapulco Gold which we discovered had a mite infestation. I was able to take a couple cuts from it and successfully nurse them back to health with neem oil and  essential oil treatments. These cuts have come back with vigor but the node spacing is so tight and compact and they are physically so different from any other I have seen I’m not sure where to take a cut from.