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Ladies and Gents of the DGC, coming at you from the UK, and a totally first time grower. I will give you the spec of the grow first hey?

Day 53 overall.

Genetics: Royal Queen Seeds 3 x white widow autoflower, 1 x Royal Cheese autoflower

Growing in a 80 x 80 x 160 cm tent.

My lighting is my downfall, a blurple LED pulling 110W at the plug and a 250W HPS. I swear i will upgrade the lighting when i have the $. Grow medium is canna coco pro plus with about 20% perlite and using full range canna nutes and keeping the feed mild with these girls being autos, never feeding above 1200 ppm and keeping my pH in between 5.6 – 6.0 (more often i aim more acidic).

Going to take a quick moment to thank JMYSTRO here, i posted a while ago because i thought i was overfeeding but it turns out it was underfeeding and had pH too high, i wouldn’t have gotten this far without the comment and advice brother so big love <3.

So as you can see i have 1 major healthy plant, well at least i think it is im sure you can see that one from the pictures. One is only just flipping to flower i had big issues getting her getting going at first but then she surprised me and survived has blown up and just started to bud, i was going to chop her but my missus told me that was cruel and named her bertha XD. The small shrubby one is the Cheese, way more compact than the others but looks nice and healthy and is the frostiest of the bunch. I forgot to take pictures of 1 plant but she is near enough the same as my other big healthy one. The lighting in my attic for photos is terrible so i am sorry =]


I am restricted to a attic grow, i only have 1 tent, and by the looks at least 1 plant is going to finish late soooo, Can i just dry by hanging in my attic? i have monitored temp and humidity up there and it varies:

15 – 25 degrees C

35 – 45 Humidity

So i was just wondering if i could onion string them and hang them up there? or is there a better method one of you gents can come up with? Cheers Gents!!!