Whattup Dude, Scotty, GG & the DGC!!!

I want to share my experience with Recharge…

Some of you may have seen my other posts, for those that haven’t here is a quick recap:  I was given a preteen clone that right away was having issues (all my fault). I planted it into hot soil and started using GH 3-part which ended up causing nute burn. I would always pH the water down since it seemed to run high (7.5 to 8). Well after flushing with just pH’d water, the nute burn went away but new growth had some serious leaf twist which I could only assume was pH related.

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago.. I finally save up enough nugs to get myself some Recharge shotgun shells (HELL  YEAH!) and watered that shit in right away. That very day I was listening to a Grow Talk where it was mentioned that pH pens need to be kept moist otherwise they loser accuracy… I wish I would have known this as my pH pen has gone dry multiple times. I figure the pen needs to be re-calibrated at this point and any reading it gives me will probably be wrong. Screw it… if Scotty doesn’t adjust pH, neither will I.

I’m happy to report that ever since I started using Recharge and stopped worrying about pH, the leaf twist has completely disappeared from fresh growth!!! Half way through the second week of bloom (last week of veg) and she is looking better than the day I brought her home (except for the supercropping debacle… I’m just going to try and forget that ever happened… see my other post ‘I done fucked up’ if you like… it’s a sad story).

Anyways, thanks for taking the time if  you’re still reading this.

Yet another happy Recharge customer here.