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I’m just finishing up my first grow. I have two Amnesia Haze plants about half way through flower in a 4×4 tent and and it’s looking like it will be a fairly successful grow (see photo). Unfortunately I will be traveling 3-5 days per week during my future grows and will have to grow by internet. I’ve already got my temp, humidity, lights and ventilation on controllers I can monitor and adjust remotely. I’m looking to premix a week’s worth of water and nutes at a time in a central reservoir. I’m thinking I need an air stone and a circulating pump to keep the nutes from settling out of the water, and not growing slimy rancid water?

I plan to put my girls in cloth pots and coco on grates over buckets. Then use wi-fi plugs to water every 1-3 days with a submersible pump, and let the runoff collect in the buckets.┬áBesides a camera or two and the above mentioned pumps, is there anything else I will need? Any advise or things I should lookout for?┬áTell Scotty, with only one grow under my belt, I really don’t want to change to hempy buckets or auto pots. LOL