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Currently in my spare bedroom i have 3 grow tents,
a 4×4 with an Kingbrite 480 LED,
a 3×3 with a kingbrite 240 LEd
and a 2×4 with an HLG 100 and two 27 watt LED side lights.
My Ventilation currently goes 4×4 + 3×3 venting to outdoors and passively intake air from the room.
The spare bedroom door is always closed with venting in it to allow fresh air from the rest of the house to run through the room.
The AC unit also vents to outdoors, and is set to 22C, my tents temperatures range from 28C during a heat spike 25C on avg and as low as 17C at night usually around 18C. it seems like the ac is running all the time and working really hard, i’m wondering if its because my tents are sucking all the cool air outside right away.
My question is if i should just vent my tents into the bed room and let the AC deal with the heat or should i keep venting outdoors? just trying to find the best way to control my temperatures and was hoping someone maybe had some insight into this!