Be cautious when updating to the most recent AC Infinity iPhone app update.

Last night I was at home and the update popped up when I checked my phone to see how my grow was going. My grow isn’t at my home.

I agreed to the update and when it restarted the app wouldn’t initiate. So, I contacted AC Infinity through their webpage chat feature, and they said to delete the app from my phone, reinstall, and re-sync my controller to my phone. I’m happy that AC Infinity has good customer service!

Thinking the worst, and knowing how often technology has failed me I drove to my grow, and sure enough everything was off. No lights, no heat, no fan, no nothing!!!

So, I re-synced my phone with the controller and all is fine. The bummer is that this all took over two hours, and my grow was shut down during the lights on period! I’m so glad I drove to my grow to check on it.

If you’re running the AC Infinity controllers to be careful with the app updates. I will never agree to an update if I’m not in my grow to confirm all is well. Lesson learned.

The Chairman