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This is Tropical Orange Soul from Trichrome Jungle seeds and Triangle Poison by Goat & Monkey seeds bought on Seeds here Now. I won this awesome 3*3 and fan becoming a “pro duce ah” . Just by commenting. Seeds also discounted and ADDITIONAL free seeds for being DGC.  So these pics were June 2. I just cut down June 27, about 7 days beyond the breeders recommended time to day 70. It’s drying now, wish me luck🤞 .

So, I have to give a GIANT shout-out to AC INFINITY. I bought the S330 led light and it always seemed to me it ran too hot. It went out after 4 months of service. I sent a email to AC INFINITY and their response was absolutely AWESOME. They didn’t want anything from me, just said we are incredibly sorry and will ship a replacement out pronto. It was shipped in less THAN 24 HOURS from my email. I am sold on this company you should be too. BTW, they seemed really disappointed that their light failed. I don’t think it happens too often.

Peace from Virginia.