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Hi I’ve been here before, but I got a new phone and forgot my password for here and my email. Apparently I don’t know enough about myself to retrieve the email so I made a new one.

Anyway, I’m going to experiment with raising the pH in mid flower. I have four identical phenos to do a side by side. I chose to use potassium bicarbonate crystals as my up. First time using it and mixed in a little at a time till I was happy then checked the ppm and turns out that little bit I added was 360ppm…..said screw that and dumped the mix and added only 70ppm. That sounded better even though the pH wasn’t as high as I wanted.

Is this one of those things that give an initial reading, but will continue changing as the mix sits?

And does 70ppm sound right for soil growing? I was thinking maybe there is still more chemistry happening once the soil is watered in.

Any info to help me understand would be great. Thank you in advance.