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Greetings DGC family. First and foremost I want to thank you guys for the wealth of information you make available to growers like me. Long time listener and recent supporter of the show. I feel its only fair I give back the the place from which I’ve learned soo much.

My question is more of a concern. I’m a newer grower currently on my 3rd grow ever. On Sunday I get home from from work around 6:30 pm to find the lights in my flower tent still on. (The ladies did not look happy) The timer should’ve turned them off at 9am but turns out I accidentally set the digital timer from (auto) to (on) the night before. I have 4 plants in the tent, 2 tester seeds I got from a friend who is dabbling with some breeding, one is s-class (golden goat x blue dream) in week 6 of flower, one is shazam (9# hammer x blue dream) in week 4, and 2 are white widow, only a few days into the 2nd week of flower. I turned lights off immediately after getting home and resumed regular light schedule. on at 9pm and off at 9am. Should I be worried about hermies or other ill effects like negative impact on yield due to stress from interrupted dark cycle. What should I expect from this little blunder of mine? Thanks in advance guys. Cheers and keep on cultivating.

P.s Another good T shirt idea: “Keep on Cultivating”