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Alright quick question I was pondering this morning spending my quality time with the girls. Well 6 of them had male flowers on them recently but that is another issue…can I call them girls now??? Anyways on to the question

Ok, I am watering in #5 nursery pots.  They need watered every other day. Needless to say this goes through A LOT of nutes.  It takes 13 gallons to water my plants.  I like to give them recharge at least once sometimes twice a week but I don’t mix it in my res I get approx 4-5 gallons out of the res and mix my recharge in that with the nutes (I would love to just give them full dosage every time but I would go through a 2lb bag in a month doing it that way).   I use a 1/2 gal (little red) watering can that must hold more than  that but anyway I give each of them 2 full watering cans filled to the brim with nutes and 1 filled with recharge.  Doing this I get plenty of runoff in these pots.

Question is which of these watering cans is absorbed and remains in the soil in the highest amount?  Would it be the first one where the soil is dry and readily soaks up the water.  The second one (if the first is pushed out with the runoff)?  Or the third the last can that is used to achieve the needed runoff.  I have been putting the recharge can in last assuming that the first can is pushed out in runoff.  Or is it the other way around where I would be better off putting the recharge in first when the soil is dry so that it can grab up the microbes?  Or am I thinking to much and none of this matters as the soil acts like a filter and grabs them anyways?

Thanks guys for all the great content and all of you here that answer questions.  I don’t know what I would do without the DGC to share my grow thoughts with.