Most of the technology we use in our grow rooms has changed A TON in the last decade.  Think about how far we’ve advanced when it comes to things like lighting!  But for some reason it sorta feels like most of the inline fan industry has been stuck in 1992.  Most of the fans on the market look and perform like they were designed 20+ years ago, and most of them probably were.  Most inline fans available to growers are loud, inefficient, and lack any kind of adjustability or modern features.

Well, allow me to introduce AC Infinity…. a fan company for the 21st century!

Ac Infinity got their start making fans for the high end stereo industry.  They have a lot of experience making clever cooling solutions for the audio industry, and now they are bringing this experience to home gardening with their Cloudline inline fans.

AC Infinity got their start making clever cooling solutions for high end audio equipment. They have experience making quiet, reliable fans, and now they are making fans for indoor growing applications.

The AC Infinity Cloudline T4 Fan with digital controller and temperature/humidity probe


I came across these fans a while ago and was immediately impressed by the modern design and advanced control features.  I got in touch with the company, and they were nice enough to send me one of their Cloudline T4 fans to test out.

I’ve been playing with the fan for a few weeks now, and so far I really like it.  I’m most impressed with the quietness and the automated speed controls.  Here’s some of the key features:

  • 10 speeds, manually adjustable or controlled by temp/humidity controller
  • Temperature + humidity probe with 12ft cord
  • Easy to use control panel with temp/humidity display
  • Very quiet, even at max speed
  • High temp setting – slowly increases fan speed to max if temperatures rise above a set temp
  • High humidity setting – slowly increases fan speed to max if humidity goes above a set level
  • Low temp and low humidity settings also possible (but less likely to be used by growers)


These control features seem like a real game changer, especially for tents and small grows.

I’ve been testing the fan in a 2×4 tent where I’m running two 100w Spectrum King Closet Case LEDs.  This tent is set up in a bedroom closet inside a home.  The home is climate controlled and is kept comfortable year round, usually between 68-78 degrees and 40-50% humidity.  I’m thinking by using the temp and humidity control features built into the fan, I should be able to keep a good grow environment inside the tent year round.

Currently it’s winter so we are on the colder end of things.  I have the fan speed set to 2/10 so it’s barely running, but there is still some fresh air flowing through the tent.  This helps keep the tent warm by utilizing some of the heat from the lights.

I have the high temp setting set at 85 degrees, so if temps get too warm, the fan speed will increase to keep the temp below 85.

I also have the high humidity setting set at 70%, so if the humidity spikes or goes too high, the fan speed will increase to keep humidity below 70%.

Most inline fans are not designed to be speed adjusted, and using an aftermarket speed controller can cause the fan to run poorly or malfunction.  These AC Infinity fans use a different type of motor that is designed to run at variable speeds, so they can smoothly change speeds without any issues.  The version of the fan I received came with the automated controller with temp and humidity sensor, but they also sell a cheaper version that comes with a manual speed adjustment knob.  I really like the automated version, but either version seems like a big step up from the old style fans that aren’t adjustable at all.  Being able to easily adjust the fan speed is a real game changer.  Adjustable speed should really be the standard with all inline fans at this point!

This fan is also really quiet!  At lower speeds, my grow tent makes less noise than my computer or refrigerator, and even at max speed it’s wayyyy quieter than any other inline fan I’ve used.  If you are looking for a QUIET fan for a stealthy grow situation, AC Infinity is probably the best option.

AC Infinity fans seem reasonably priced, especially considering all the advanced features.  The T4 fan with temp/humidity controller I’ve been testing retails for about 120$, or you can get the same fan with a basic 10 speed manual controller instead for about 90$.

One bit of advice…

Consider buying a larger fan than you need, especially if you are worried about excess heat.  These fans are plenty powerful for most situations, but since the fan speed is adjustable, why not get a bigger fan and just turn the speed down a little to match your need?  There isn’t that big of a price difference between the 4” and the 6”, so if you are unsure about which one to get or if you are worried about heat issues, you might as well step up to a larger fan.  You can always dial back the speed if the larger fan is too much, and having a little extra fan power can really come in handy during the hottest times of the year.

I’m thinking my grow tent should be usable year round without temp issues, providing I use the home climate control system to keep indoor temps reasonable. I haven’t used it during the summer yet, but so far the 4” fan seems perfect for my 2×4 tent with LEDs.  If I was using HPS lighting or was in a bigger tent with more LEDs, I might consider stepping up to the 6 inch fan and dialing it back.

In Conclusion…

  • I think these fans are pretty nice and the Cloudline T4 is working really well with my 2×4 tent and two 100w SK Closet Case LEDs
  • It’s the quietest inline fan I’ve ever used.  Great for stealthy grows.
  • Having adjustable fan speed is really nice and a totally game changing feature.  This should be the industry standard.  (consider getting a bigger fan and dialing it back if you think excess heat might be an issue)
  • The automated temp and humidity features are really nice and make tent growing much easier.  (Another game changing feature!)
  • They seem like well made fans and you can tell a lot of thought went into the design.  They seem to be gathering user feedback to help with future design improvements.
  • AC Infinity has been great about answering my emails and they have shown me consistently good customer service.

So if you need a new fan… check out AC Infinity, and tell them Soup and the DGC sent ya!

Thanks for reading!  Heres a few more pics…

Checking out the Cloudline T4 fan… I really like that all the cords are nice and long. Its nice to have the control panel mounted outside the tent so I can see what conditions are like without unzipping the tent.

Included in the box was this bag with duct clamps, zipties, and some other mounting hardware. Including this stuff is a nice touch, and it shows AC Infinity cares about helping making life easier for their customers.

AC Infinity Cloudline T4 mounted in a 2×4 Gorilla Grow Tent Shorty with two Spectrum King Closet Case LEDs.  The control panel is mounted outside the tent so I can keep an eye on conditions inside without opening it up. This setup is working really well and the fan’s control features help maintain great growing conditions in this tent without any extra equipment.