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Greetings DUDES, first post. THANSK FOR ALL YOU DO! I’m back to growing outdoors after about 6 years off. 100 gal Radicle bags with Recharge, which I missed the dudegrows coupons with both of course../ 🙁
My question is this: I will have 2 (out of 6) plants that will go behind a tall barn that only get sun from 12:30 pm to sunset. The rest will get full sun. The short day ones will get depot treatment to ensure early flowing. Would it be beneficial to add some Emerson band LED spectrums lights at sunset to help get the laddies get some extra light before going to bed? If so, what lights would you recommend that can give me a few seasons of use outdoors? (maybe)

Thanks all. Keep growing, toking AND SHARING!