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Thank you so much Dude, Scotty, Guru, and the rest of the DGC for all your help with my garden this year. Love you guys.

I’m substantially expanding my garden next year. Irrigation system is a must, and so is recharge. So what is the best way to get both of these in my system?

Blumats watering system seems like the most efficient way of keeping my soil at optimal moisture level. I’m using BuildASoil 3.0. The combination of blumat systems to that soil will be a match made in heaven, so I dont  don’t need to water in anything but microbes.

How should I get the Recharge in? The sales rep from blumats I talked to said as long as it’s fully dissolved in the reservoir it won’t be in issue. I know I can add Mammoth P to the system without an issue, but Recharge seems like it would get clogged so I think that sales rep was wrong.

I was also thinking about adding a second irrigation system that won’t get clogged to give the plants a once a week treat of Recharge in addition to the blumat system.

Thanks again crew.

Matthew’s Garden