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ADHD grower here. 1st off,  I have to say it was a honor to have the dank nug of the day. Aside from the knowledge, the community y’all have created provides both entertainment and a way for me to connect with other amazing people who share our love of cannabis. I wanted to clarify for the DGC that the plants in the attic never have to experience the 115 degree temps, only me on occasion. They get their very own ducting from the upstairs, cental AC unit. This allows me to keep all the environmental parameters in check. As far as the adhd goes, I am adhd and also work with students who are adhd, autistic, or have other psych issues. While in the garden, I am able to retreat to a space where I can focus without all the distractions. While cannabis doesn’t fix adhd or other neurological disorders, it has helped me mostly avoid the doctor prescribed amphetamines and get through college and have a successful career. The Dude Grows Community proves all we need is cannabis and we can all get along in this time of polarization! Thanks DGC!