I don’t know if this is a hack or not exactly. However, it’s an example how to make an adjustable table on wheels. It’s all about keeping your eyes open for what other people are tossing out. An architect was throwing away a draft table probably 11 years ago. I grabbed it. Randy used it as a drafting table for a minute or two. I then drug it around to use as a table for many different applications.   I needed a place to put plants that I could roll out of the Way to water. I remembered that old carcass and grabbed it. I had found wheels off of something else in the past and harvested. So I threw them wheels on. Put the tray on there that I also receive free as a hand me down and bam. I’ve got an adjustable table that I can adjust to match the height of plants that are on the built-in tables that I cannot move.. I can raise it up if I have ceilings that need to get closer to the Sun and blah blah blah. This thing looks like a heap of shit. But keep your eyes open. Because you never know what you are passing up. I have an uncle that pretty much threw his wife out because she generated too much trash. I think she ate fast food or something I don’t know.  But it always stuck with me and I think of it a lot. I try not to generate trash. I’m not some big heavy recycler. We don’t have recycle where I live. So that is somewhat limited. So basically I try to used everything. until the wheels fall off. And now Randy got me a plastic welding tool… So shit… Nothing I got to replace! I can fix everything now. This is so true though that so many people have so much stuff they don’t even know they could use for other things. So much consumption. I prefer to save my money. . So I can use it to travel to see the DGC.