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Whats up Dude, Scotty and Guru, love the show and the community learning!

My work schedule has shifted recently since I’m an essential employee during this crisis. As a result I’m regularly leaving for work now before lights up each day. I would normally water, every other day, and spend some time with the ladies in the first hour of lights on, I truly believe that they respond to a regular schedule, but now they are lucky if I can get it to them a few hour before lights off. So, can I adjust my flowering schedule by putting them to sleep early and waking them equally early the next morning and then moving forward with the new schedule? They currently wake at 8 am and go to bed at 8 pm, can I adjust them to 5 am to 5 pm by shortening one days light cycle without negative consequences? Should I stagger the adjustment? I’m stressed, they just hit day 30 in flowering and I’m very hesitant to adjust their life cycle in any way. Thanks and keep on growing!!