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Hey DGC, I am used to growing down in Arcata, CA where it’s very very humid. getting ready for harvest and was wondering if I should get a dehum. I’m so used to that being a standard thing. I’ve got several wall fans in my room, and my 10” outtake and a 8 inch intake also.my humidity is ruffly 45 to 60 percent when lights off in there. Should I get a dehum just in case? I like to dry my herb for about 5 to 7 days then do a final 15 to 24 hour touch up in a cardboard grocery bag before goin into turkey bags with a boveda pack. I’m eastern Oregon high desert climate. first pic is platinum cookies ,second is BC grapefruit, the rest is 9 other strains in to lazy to list, lol. thanks guys, happy growing.
The Kid