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Dudes &Ladies, I have a topic I am looking for like minded opinions on so who better to ask than the community.

Here in Michigan we have recently had an increase in cases of  E.E.E. with 3 human fatalities and many animals. This E.E.E. is being transmitted by mosquitoes.

Aerial spraying of  will be conducted, in areas of concern, by low-flying aircraft, beginning Sunday evening sept. 29th and continuing up until 4:30 a.m. Monday morning, a news release from MDHHS states.

Mosquito control professionals will apply approved pesticides as an ultra-low volume (ULV) spray. ULV sprayers dispense very fine aerosol droplets that stay suspended in the air and kill adult mosquitoes on contact, the MDHHS states.

This is a tactic other states, including Massachusetts and Rhode Island have also recently employed to combat EEE.

The pesticide that will be used is Merus 3.0, an organic pesticide containing 5% pyrethrin.

I am in this area and will be covering my girls that are beginning to ripen and a few weeks from chop. Wish they would have done this during veg when I was warding off the aphids ehh.

I wonder if this would be trouble for those that can’t cover there plants or did not get the memo?

What do you all think on the use of pyrethrin’s especially on cannabis flower?

Obviously human lives are far more important than any implications to a cannabis plant. I feel terrible for those affected by this and the lost lives, but also for other wildlife such as bees and beneficials that may contact the spray.