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Hello, I have been growing aeroponics for years now. This new sativa strain I have is soooooo very finicky. With aeroponics is the best rule of thumb for nutrient ppm to keep the ppm the same every day with water intake? If the ppm goes up in a day it’s too much nutes, if the ppm goes down in a day it’s not enough nutes? If the ppm stays the same it’s perfect amount of nutrients? I am using ro water for the first time and thought it was a cal-mag deficiency but I fixed that and the problem still persists. Yellowing edges, taco leaves , worst is closest to the lights. This only happens once week 3 in flower hits to harvest. Sometimes worse than others. I’m guessing it’s strictly nutrient burn. My last strain of bigbud and haze ran at 1500-1700 ppm. This watermelon mama from jinxproof seems very finicky and only wants 750ppm does that sound right? Thanks for any help been watching your show a long time! You guys are great. rooms 80-82degrees, 51% humidity. water temps 68-70 degrees, roots look great! using: great white, root excel, heavy 16 A and B, bigbud 1-3, overdrive 4-8 and carboload.