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What’s up guys? Thanks for being awesome. I’ll keep supporting if you keep reporting.

I live in the mitten (MI) and have been smoking for about 12 years. I’ve never had a problem finding quality medicine but like my fellow DGC members, I have taken on the task of growing so I can just supply myself (or gift to others/spread the love).

I bought a 4x4x8 tent, two $80 Amazon grow lights (I know I know) “1200” watts HA! Fox farms nutes 3 pack (the basics) and a couple of fans. I don’t have a carbon filter (yet) but all in all I have spent about $350-$400. I have a lot of adjustments to make for my next round but due to what I’ve been going through the first time through and listening to your show all of the time, I conjured a question…

If you could only spend $500 on an indoor grow (house), what products would you buy and why? I assume there are some people like me who cannot afford anything more than that or even that much but we still want to grow the dank.

Thank you!