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Hello DGC, Dude Scotty, Guru, and the rest of the crew.

It’s been a while since I have posted anything but memes so I thought I’d share the auto jar Burping system I built. I have been getting busy, besides harvest time I have a lot to get ready for the cold winter coming up. My Toddler also takes up a lot of time. I didn’t want to forget to burp jars in this busy time so I decided to automate it. I got this idea from a video Cool Hand Luke 61 sent to me over in the Dude Grows Discord. That video used 5 gallon buckets but the idea is the same. I just put my spin on it and modified it for my needs. The system is on a timer, and when the timer triggers it turns on an air pump. The air travels through the hose, and then through a one way air valve. There is another hose in the jar that goes from that valve to a T-way connector at the bottom of the jar. Another small hose piece makes a loop back to the T-way connector. I have put small slits in the loop to let the air out. As the air is pumped in it pressurizes the jar, then vents out the top of the jar through a second air valve and  a tiny piece of hose in the lid. The air moves from the bottom of the jars and out the top completely replacing the air in my jars. I am currently running the pump twice a day for 1 minute each time. I may need to adjust the amount and length of the pump time but so far the smells are improving every day when the pump turns on. This was not a hard build and the greatest cost is the air pump. I plan on being able to run 12, half gallon jars at a time. For a smaller grow this could be made with a smaller pump and less jars. It seems like a great system for busy or disabled individuals who have trouble Burping their jars. I believe Sunnyinbectopia said she has a system like this with the 5 gallon buckets.

Thank you to everyone for being apart of this Amazing community Stay Elevated, Educated, and Motived DGC!

One Eyed Cat.