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Hey friends, yes after hundreds of shows already consider you guys friends.

Writing you from the other side of the pond, from Portugal. Well, beside my shhh “ladies” (red state)…. I have a kiwi farm where I am able to listen all your episodes, and they entertain me a lot between the 1100 trees and 50T of fruit every year that I have to take care all by myself and I really appreciate the time you invest in our common love. Cannabis.

I’ve been using Metrop nutrients for some years and I really like them always treated me well and I am satisfied with them, but I decided it was time to change it so I’ve been looking for different alternatives and while I was pouring 10kg of nuts into a 1000L box I remembered I use nuts at my main job, why not using them in my babies.

At the present I have 2 tents, one for veg one for flower, veg with 1.2m x 2.4m with 600W invisible sun led custom made leds, replaced the reds for blues. Big 2m x 1m tray with a 200L reservoir. Flood and drain.

And a flower tent with 2.4m x 2.4m where I have 2 trays 1m x 1m each one with 100L reservoir with 600W invisible sun led with UV this way I can walk around  (as annex one of the 600W flower panel I’ve assembled).

I use one tray with lower ec nuts (1/1.2EC) and the other as high ec nutes (around 2 EC). Dehumidification and ventilation is ok.

Well now that I’ve tried to present myself here comes the hard question: I’ve the following nutes that I use at my farm. How can I make a blend with them for Weed?

Potassium sulfate K2O 52% SO3 45% Magnesium sulfate MgO 16% SO3 32% Calcium nitrate N 15.5% CaO 26.5% Potassium nitrate N 13.7% K2O 46.3% Hakaphos® Naranja 15-5-30

Beside this, I have sheep (unfortunately can t make them still on the pot inside the tent) and I make my own lactobacillus and some kelp with boro in the beginning of the foliage and that’s all. What do you guys think? Once more thanks for teaching and entertain me for years! You are really appreciated!