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Oi! Greetings from sunny Florida, I’ve never grown indoor during the summer so I got a little 2×2 to feed the obsession. I gave her the chop tonight And I need a little help with my VPD. I am drying where she lived the past few months and I’m struggling raising the humidity, would it be good to re-wet the soil to raise humidity? I’ve got a soaked wet rag and it’s not doing too much, my home AC is set at 72 and it’s the same in the tent but the humidity hovers in the high 40’s.  That’s as cool as I can get it As the AC runs about 24/7. Would love that 14 day dry but My environment  is  difficult to dial in… What would you do in my situation? Appreciate the solid advice and responses to my past few questions. Shout out to sunnyinbectioia, always dig your posts and banter