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Hey Scotty, Dude, Guru, and the DGC.

I’ve been listening for about a year now and been helping produce since last summer. You guys gave me the courage to start growing last year in Illinois after getting my medical card. I now have 2 5×5 tents going right now. One for veg and one for flower. I’m running a perpetual garden now and doing ok. I just moved into my girlfriend’s house and put the 2 tents in the spare room. Now my temps are running up into the low 90’s with the lights on in both tents. I’m trying to run a sealed environment in the 2 tents but having them exchange air between the 2 tents. I have a HLG 550-R spec in my flower tent with a dehumidifier and CO2 monitor controller. My veg tent has a “Amazon” special LED called Bloom Plus that was intended to replace a 600w hps (I bought this trying to be cheap and just start growing. Replaced it in my flower tent with the HLG after the first run ;). So… I want to get a portable air conditioner but my question is should I put the AC in the tent or just the room? My idea was to put the AC in my flower tent to keep the temp no more than 85 and run the vent out the tent then out the room window. I have an AC Infinity fan with temp/humidity controller for each tent. As the temp in the veg tent rises, it will pull the cooled air out of the flower tent that is being cooled and supplemented with CO2 into the veg tent. Or am I over thinking this whole thing and should just condition the room and control the temp for the whole room? What do you guys think?

thanks for the help