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Salutations, DGC! I was recently introduced to the show and I’m loving it! Quick background on me: I live in Oklahoma (where the weed comes sweeping down the plains) and I’m new to commercial cannabis growing. I have a bachelors degree in botany, and minors in horticulture and soil science. I’ve been in horticulture for a decade and my goal was always to get into cannabis cultivation, so here I am. I love the grow talks and I just wanted to send in a pic of an air layering that I did. I don’t know if it would ever be practical in cannabis cultivation, but I feel like a mad scientist when I pull this shit off. I wanted to submit this pic because of the beautiful callus formation at the apex of the layer. It’s a great example of the parenchyma cell formation that one looks for when doing this type of propagation, as well as when clones are taken. These roots aren’t particularly impressive, but I exposed them after only 7 days because I was teaching the technique. I thought The Guru might have some fun info to throw in on this.