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What’s up DGC!

The recent grow hack posted by Hammer D regarding oscillating fans for grow tents got my gears moving. I’ve always struggled with finding ways to get good air movement at the canopy level in a tent. Currently, I have 3 clip fans all blowing in different directions in a 20″ X 36″ tent but this has lead to some wind burn and is less than ideal because there could still be micro-climates developing if the air isn’t moving appropriately enough. In the past, I’ve used USB powered oscillating fans and hung them upside down in the tent from the supports using bungees. This worked but having a free hanging object oscillate back and forth can be a bit of a challenge, and will often times rub against the sides of the tent.

Oscillating USB Fan

I looked into the Seabreeze 7500-1 pulse action that Hammer D used but it looks like it has some major quality issues.

Seabreeze 7500-1

It would also be difficult to suspend this at canopy level or higher. I’ve also looked into the Vivosun fan designed specifically for grow-tent poles.


Unfortunately, this product is also notorious for quality issues. You have a 50/50 chance of the mount being completely backwards and there are some internal wiring concerns as well.

So my question to the DGC, what do you guys use to oscillate air on the canopy in a small grow tent? There don’t seem to be a lot of pre-manufactured options but I’m sure someone in the crew has a brilliant workaround. Thanks guys, happy growing!