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What up DGC!

After listening to several stories of air travel in the states, I thought I should share my brother’s experience with the law in prohibition land. It’s a long story, I’ll try to cut it down but keep the relevant details.

My brother Jimmy travels almost full time for work. He doesn’t leave home without his meds unless he’s traveling to legal lands. When he flies, he throws a little concentrate in the checked bag with a fresh pen and it’s never been a problem.

In 2018 Jimmy and a friend are working in Utah and they finish up a project in the middle of the night. While booking flights home, they notice all options go through Las Vegas. They book two one-way flights, with a stop in Las Vegas between. My guess is that’s where flags start flying.

In Las Vegas, they grab a few grams of concentrate each and smoke a couple doobies. They throw the wax into their bags and head back to the airport. Back on the plane all is well, they’re in the homestretch!

They land in prohibition land, St Louis MO. They proceed to baggage claim where they wait, and wait, and wait. They’re about to give up thinking they’re at best lost, at worst confiscated. After a short pause, the last four bags appear. Two Jimmy’s, two his buddies. They’re stoked. And dumb.

They pick up the bags and turn around to see four folks in street clothes holding badges talking something about the DEA. The agents immediately separate Jimmy and his friend and start asking the same questions. They explain to Jimmy that dogs hit on their bags, but that sometimes they hit falsely. No big deal, they just need to look through their stuff. Jimmy plays dumb and assures them there is nothing to find. At the same time, he hears his friend’s respond with “Yep, there is some wax in my suitcase.” Jimmy watches the DEA agents dig through his stuff. They look defeated when they don’t find stacks of cash or drugs, only tools and clothes. The agents find the same in his friend’s gear. After digging around for what seemed like forever and finding nothing, Jimmy’s friend offers to show the agents where the wax is hiding, and proceeds to hand them a single 1G container of wax from his dirty clothes bag. The agent looked puzzled and said, “This is what you have?” Yep. That’s it.

The agent laughed, put the 1G back in the suitcase, zipped it up, and said “Yeah we’re not worried about that. Thank you, guys for cooperating. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

They literally gave the wax back, asked which way they were headed and then gave advice on how to exit the airport and avoid traffic. They gave zero fucks about the little bit of concentrate they found. The takeaway here is that they are absolutely checking bags at some destinations in prohibition land. Don’t assume because you’re leaving from a cannabis friendly state that you’re in the clear once you’re off the ground folks!