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Hi DGC, Dude Scotty, Guru and whole crew, thank you for the show, tips, and grow podcast,, i am a long long time dgc participator. I am embarrassed to say I can not afford the patron or the monthly’s i am disabled on a fixed income so money is tight and have two pinch pennies i grab merch really all i can do, So Dude, Scotty, Guru and DGC,,, THANK YOU for every thing you do, This is some thing my GIRLFRIEND helped me put up it is a 4×4 grow tent. I have been growing in 2 closets 2x4x8. The moister inside and heat was not being ejected, seems they build these grow tents with the assumption that you need two buy ventilation gear, Which is a problem for me being a box fan is all i can afford, so me and my family SAT around and did this,,, i am disabled i helped think of the idea but had two have my girlfriend do it,,, again a little embarrassed but is my situation. I’ts winter hear in Massachusetts & even i can not even imagine about summer, grow’s, with the heat of the hottest summer, I have ever grown indoors making our solution a necessity,BUT DUDE HEAR IS MY QUESTION WHY DOES THE GROW TENT COMPANYS NOT DO THIS, ITS A VENT UP TOP THE MATERIAL IS CARBON FIBER BLOCKS OUT THE LIGHT & SMELL. YOU COULD DO THE HOLE ROOF OUT OF THIS MATIRIAL.. BUT THIS FIXED EVERY THING. SHE HAD MATIRIAL PINS FOR SOWING STAINLESS AND 4 WAS PLENTY TWO HOLD THE 2 PIECES OF CARBON FURNACE MATIRIAL…. GO DGC