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This is my best effort to date. I’m a new(ish) grower. I vegged this in a 2×2 tent under a HLG 100 V2. I moved it to flower in a 2-1/2 x 5 under a Budget LED 3+ R-Spec light. I added an Optic LED Slim 100 Bloom Enhancer in the last week in the spirit of continuous improvement. It’s growing in FF Coco Loco with Dr. Earth dry amendments, occasional compost teas and, of course, Recharge. I use Recharge in my teas and at half strength for most waterings.

Do me a favor Scotty and stop saying how old you’re getting. I’ve got 10 years on you. You make me feel old. When I was your age I was 20 years into my 30 year tolerance break. I smoked as a young man but I had to stop for career reasons. I was finally able to resume consumption but I had to make some decisions. I live in prohibition land so if I wanted to get cannabis I either had to drive to an enlightened state or grow my own. I decided growing my own was the safer option. It probably wasn’t the least expensive option. It seems as if I’m always “needing” something else. This nug is the result of my decision.

Thanks for all the help. I watch your new episodes when I’m fully conscious and like Scotty, I listen to the old episodes as I’m falling asleep. I either fall asleep or I learn something. It’s a great way to utilize time that’s usually wasted. Cheers!