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Hey DGC,

So this was just a simple old school setup, trying to save up for one of those HLG lights soon, but I used a 600watt HPS in a 4×4 tent, a 7 gallon pot and Subcool super soil recipe and water the whole time.

Love listening to the show as I am working,  it feels like I am getting away with something learning about cannabis cultivation and getting paid at the same time….  I am getting close to harvesting this Alaskan Purple freebie seed I almost did not plant but which has quickly become one of my favorite plants I have ever grown, super vigor, smells like a fruit smoothie and is just beautiful to look at. Just thought I would share a pic because I cant stop looking at this plant and thought someone else might appreciate it. Thanks for teaching me and making me laugh all at the same time, Just signed up for Patreon and this is the first Podcast I have ever even considered giving any of my money to, but I love the show and it just feels right, I am only a 10 dollar a month supporter right now but hope to be able to raise that level in the future. Anyway, thanks for the great content, and all that you guys are doing for this magical plant.