How much thc can alcohol absorb? I’ve been making gummies with everclear infused with thc. Normally I  make one batch with 1.5 oz of larf and half of a 1.75L of everclear. The process is a little costly with the gummie mix and alcohol. I’m wondering if I can dump a pound into a whole 1.75L of everclear by running it through my magical butter machine a 1/4 pound at a time, straining the weed and putting the everclear back in the machine and running the next 1/4 pound and then the next with the same alcohol. To cut down on alcohol cost. In the end I want a super batch of alcohol that I only use a little on each batch of gummie and get the same amount. So you think this will work. Also how long do you think I can store the infused alcohol before it starts to degrade.