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Good evening! I’m here to report that making a 30-day compost of Alfalfa pellets, and using it in a 50/50 ratio with Promix HP actually works.

I filled 8 – 25 gallon pots and mixed in the additional amendments, mostly mineral, but about 2 pounds bat guano, and crossed my fingers and they appear to be thriving. Was a little nervous because the soil was still about 10 degrees above room temp when I transplanted them a little over a week ago, but they have grown pretty close to a foot and are going through the net.

So it’s time for round 2

The only thing I’m doing differently is putting the mineral amendments in after it’s composted for about 20 days at 120-140 degrees. Last time I put them all in during the thermophilic phase. This time they will be used to help to halt the thermophilic phase. I will wait until the compost has been down to 120 degrees for a while, then mix it 50/50 in the final 25 gallon pots with Promix and 50 pounds of crushed oyster shells, azomite, and 20 pounds of clay divided out between 6 – 25 gallon pots. For clay I’m using Oil-Dry, which is mostly bentonite. And adding the usual organic amendments plus a bag of worm castings per pot this time.

The business end of adding 12 gallons of water to 90 pounds of alfalfa pellets. I bought out the feed store of alfalfa pellets! OK, they only had 2 bags, so it was more like someone else bought them out, and left me two bags. A 50 pound and a 40 pound. I also picked up the crushed oyster shells that is apparently made for chickens to walk around and eat. I’ll use it for weed.

The pellets hydrate into finely chopped alfalfa with a ton of surface area for composting, and packed with nutrients.

At 20 to 1 carbon/nitrogen it is the perfect ratio for composting.

Pellets fully hydrated, but still fluffy put into small bite sized containers for the 20 day composting. Will mix (turn) 4 times a day. In a week it will be brown, and in 3 weeks it will be dark brown.

Some Gelato and PCK clones waiting for the 30 day compost. They will be ready to go after a month in 1 gallon pots and topped a few times. Currently growing in old used coco and vermiculite, with bat guano and ground up 2 row malted barley on top.

The last batch is producing some happy plants – a week into transplant have grown about 1 foot. Just flipped to flower!

Part 1, with the mixed amendments list can be found here.