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What up DGC. Got a question for the more knowledgeable organic growers and micro biologists in the group. Wife and I have been growing for a few years now with good success. We grow in ocean forest sometimes and or own soil mixture (similar to soups mixture) sometimes. Is this method of making alfalfa tea an effective method? What could we do to make better tea? What other teas should we start experimenting with that you’ve seen considerable results from? We have comfrey on our property that we use medicinally, what benefits do comfrey tea provide and could I make it the same way?

We’ve been experiencing with alfalfa tea throughout the years and this is what we do. Using alfalfa cubes “rabbit treats” we get from our local farmers store we break them up into smaller pieces and put them in a one gallon jug. Followed by a dash of recharge and a little squirt of mammoth P to get things really rocking in there. Full the gallon jug with water, put the lid on and shake it up. After we shake it up we take the lid off while it is just sitting so it doesn’t go anaerobic. Every time my wife or I go in the bathroom (we grow in our bathroom closet) we put the lid on, shake it up real good and take the lid off. We do this for 3-4 days. Then we water with the tea. We do this around week 4-5 of flower and we’ve seen definitive results. When we don’t use the tea (we do 2 gallons like this, once week 4 and once week 6ish) we get nice little buds but they don’t fatten up like we see with the tea. We haven’t found the right strain for my wife yet so we’ve been using different genetics in search of the right medicinal values. So the results we are seeing could simply be genetic variations. We use the same lighting (hlg 240) in the same space (3×3 customized grow closet) with varying soil mixes. Same CO2 bags (age wise), same water etc…

Side note, we are paid DGC members. This website and the podcast changed my wife’s life. She struggles with ptsd and various permanent injuries she suffered during her time in the Army. Needless to say, her quality of life was non existent. Now she can sleep, she has an appetite, she can laugh and smile throughout get day and none if this was the case before we found you guys. Thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart.