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What is up dgc! I’ve been really enjoying the communication over on Cannabuzz, and realize I haven’t posted it here in awhile. Thought I would share an update on my alien sour apple three different phenoms, 1 Stardawg guava, and a blueberry lemon skunk, and then old school girl scout cookies. In my veg I have  Alien Orange Congolese growing vigorously, some Lemon Jeffrey beans (starting January), put a Zkittlez Autoflower in my lower veg now that the wife let me convert the sauna to my mother/clone/seedling room. All the photos in the flower will be done on my 40th!!! January 6th.. The Zkittlez one week later, and then should be mostly genetics from this great communities suggestions!

Flo Room: 4x6x8. 1 x SK402, 1 x Californiaworks 440 Solar Storm with UVB bulbs included. 4 oscillating fans, auto watering system, DIY folding double trellis nets, AC Infinity self regulating fan, roots organics full line of nutes, Mammoth P, Recharge and Fish Shit. Boogie Brew Heavy Harvest for the weekly teas.

2 Veg Rooms:

2×2×4: HLG 65 Upper Veg:

6 plants: clones of the above and one Alien Orange Congolese seedling. Autowatering.

Lower Veg : same size as upper,

HLG 100 4k over a Fastbuds Zkittlez fem auto.

Inside Veg:


Mars Hydro SP150 over 6 plants, same as above. All in 1 gal Radicals. Auto water here too.

Humidifier as the house is dryer than my grow house.

Lower sauna veg:

2 bulb T25 over KloneDome.

4 bulb T25 over Humidity dome for seedlings.

All plants are planted in roots organics original, happy frog, and ocean forest, blended up 3 parts. Add in a little Powdered Elemental from roots for cal/mag.

All I can say after that prolifically long pontification, is that you guys are the Shit!! Can’t be happier being a member since last December!