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Here’s a picture of an Alien Kush F6 from seed. Of the 6 sisters only this one has shown this trait. I first only noticed the extra “pinkie” leaf finger, upon further inspection I caught the tiny, almost node, looking growth.

It’s only on 2 of the 5 cuts from that pheno but my buddy is flowering her out and has buds sprouting on his leaves.

Before everyone starts yelling kelp, I’d like to point out that this trait is being displayed in both his grow and mine under vastly different styles. Him being a Fox farm soil with full fox farm nutrient line and me being Promix using jacks 3 2 1 with fulvic acid, Tribus and of course RECHARGE! Which I use at 2g/gal every 3rd watering/feed.

Thought this was kinda neat and thought the DGC might enjoy it as well. I plan to keep an eye on it and document it’s growth.