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Hey, what’s up Dude, Scotty, Guru, and the rest of the DGC?

This is my Alien Tarantula. The free seeds I got last year when i joined the DGC. This is actually the second run,and a clone of the original. It’s super frosty and very pungent. i’m not sure exactly what it smells like. But it is very funky.

Grown in coco-perl. 70/30, GH 3-part, Recharge, and terpinator. The first time around I kinda neglected her.but I saw the potential this pheno had. So this time around I showed her a little more love and she turned out amazing.i took her down on 6/28 so she still has a few more days to dry and I know I’ll have some good smoke. I just wanted to show the DGC that these free seed packs bring the dank. Thanks for all the valuable info over the years it is appreciated.