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What up GDC from Detroit. I’m on my 2nd grow and after learning a lot from Jeremy at buildasoil, I went all in.  I crammed a 4 x 4 living soil fabric bed in a 4 x 4 tent   I also purchased a 3 x 3 tent as well as 2  4 x 8  and a 2 x 2. Grow tent

I ran my 1st auto called roadkill. Popped the seed the same time as my other 2 feminized plants. This auto plant was born upside down rope sticking upward I had to pull it out and turn it right side up. And then I immediately transplanted it into my 4 x 4 bed. 4 weeks later it only grew half as tall as the  Other 2 plants. The thing is I placed the auto under 12/12 light cycle immediately and it immediately started flowering. I thought that the amount of light had no bearing on when an auto began flowering. Do you think I just have a Not so auto auto?  Last pic is CBD plant Charlotte angel.