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I never knew how much I needed a $40 vacuum sealer until I got one. Seeds, weed and pollen it all gets vacuum sealed. I put a desiccant pack in with seeds and pollen and a humidity pack in with smoke and store them in either the freezer, fridge or safe depending on anticipated length of storage.

Since I use FloraFlex powder nutrients I vacuum seal my unused veg and bloom nutrients after each phase for reuse later so they don’t pick up moisture and get ruined. I never have to vacuum pack Recharge because it’s constantly in use.

I’ve even heard you can use these things to store food in, I may have to try that one day. Happy Growing 🙂

Recharge the Fourth Macronutrient

We use the term Dank for good weed like the Europeans used the term Skunk, does that mean in 40 years everyone will be searching for the true OG Dank or Roadkill Dank strains?

Popping new seeds is almost as exciting as opening your new girls bra for the first time and seeing what pops out.

You aren’t “OG” unless your first joint was in ZigZag Wheaties

Nickel bags, dime bags, halves, lids and dollar joints, those were the daze

I learned Geography from High Times magazine in the 1970’s.

Cannabis taught me the metric system before it was taught in school

Everything that I know about botany and horticulture I learned from cannabis, the rest I learned from the DGC.