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Current grow conditions:

  • 1mx1m tent
  • Carbon filter connected to a cool tube (was too cold without the carbon filter)
  • 10 Gal fabric pot
  • Temp: 28c room +-30c canopy (20c lights off)
  • humidity: fluctuates between 30%(lights on)-70%(lights off)
  • Lighting: 600w HPS during veg (MH blew)
  • Training: SCROG, lst, topped twice.
  • Runoff PH: 6.9-7.0
  • Medium: Organic soil mix with perlite, worm castings, volcanic rock dust etc: can be used with synthetic nutrients according to them.
  • Nutrients: 3 part Micro, Grow, Bloom (don’t have a ppm meter just follow the charts)
  • Waterings: Every few days when I feel they need water or when the soil dries out.

Current Grow Problems:

  1. Yellowing leaves –  hard to see from the pics
  2. VERY slow growth the past 4 weeks (she is almost 12 weeks old from seed!)
  3. leaves seem dry and droopy  – even after waterings
  4. The leaves do not perk up like previous grows

I have increased the room temp from 20c to 28c for the past two weeks, but my humidity seems to be way too low at 30% with lights on and gets to 70% when the lights are off. If I water or feed at 6.0 pH my runoff is 7.0 pH so I’m assuming it could be a nutrient lockout? My metal halide blew too and they are vegging under a 600w HPS in a 1×1 metre tent.

Thinking of doing a solid flush, try to get the runoff down to 6.5, and get a humidifier for lights on and replace my MH? should that sort everything out?

Much appreciated

Chad A