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What’s growin on DGC!! Just wanted to show off some of my (almost) live hash rosin, almost because no freeze drier sadly, and a couple of the best nugs I decided to keep and smoke on. I’ve always had a huge love for concentrates and that is mainly what I smoke. My dream has always been to grow some beautiful, organic dank to make rosin with that would be better than anything I get my hands on from the free market , which isn’t extremely difficult because 95% of the wax in this part of prohibition land is all BHO with similar tastes and smells. I think it’s safe to say this rosin is better than almost anything I can get around here without giving up my kidney.

I got a min perpetual garden with a 2x2x3 flower tent with a hlg 135 and a 13inx18inx26in old filing cabinet that I gutted, painted, and ventilated as well as a sealed door to keep light from getting to flower tent. The light in the cabinet is a 5700k sansi 100w led flood light which is honestly a little too bright especially for seedlings and clones. I also built another smaller box about 12inx7inx20in with a sansi 10w led for clones and I plan to keep bonsai mothers

I started 5 cake&chem regular seeds from greenpointseeds and had 3 females grown in organic soil but only in 1/2 gallon pots which I have increased to 2 gallon fabric pots for the clones in flower now. i ran into nutrient deficiencies because of the small battery as Scotty calls it and I also had a fungus gnat problem but despite these problems I was able to pull of something special but it could have never been done without the help of the DGC!! They were harvested at day 65 of flower and all nugs and trim were shucked into a bag put in the freezer except one branch from each plant to dry. The rest was washed by hand with a good ole bucket and spoon each plant was kept separate so I could determine which phono I wanted to keep for a portentously bonsai mom.  I did about 4-5 washes on each plant to keep contaminates low and it worked like a charm. Hash was microplanned onto sheets of parchment and placed in the tent at 75 degrees and 35% humidity for 4 days then pressed at 165 for 2 minutes. Third pic was the plants the day before that were cut down and the last pic are the clones I have in flower now What do you guys think?? If anyone is interested I can make another more in-depth post about my hash making process and how I managed the fresh frozen material without a freeze drier.