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hai DGC! so I recently took some cuts of a mother and direct planted in my los (95 percent success this time) and also did some in rockwool cubes for friends (100 percent success this time). i’m growing out the sour apples right now, just read the hermie post 🙁 but need to sex them. so I have a dwc cloner. in the past I have had a 100 percent success rate with it. the only thing I changed this time is all of my cuts went into aloe vera water while the process was happening. I dipped the cuts that were direct planted into dirt with more aloe. as well as the rockwool cube ones. the dwc ones I simply put them in with a half solution of nutrients with extra air stone. fast forward 7-8 days they are all dying. not one is yellowed just dying (zero percent success rate this time). stems are getting soft and falling off. I suspect the issue is lack of oxygen to the stem (blocked by layer of aloe) and I suspect the reason they are still green is the nutrients in the aloe.but would like to hear the dgc opinion. im hoping to learn from this mistake to prevent it in the future. and for anyone else wondering direct plant into soil using aloe……incredible results. they did not yellow or wilt at all.