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What’s up DGC?!

Today I thought I would bring to light a new (for me; the technique is a hundred years+ old) method of cloning cannabis.

All you are going to need is a mother cannabis plant and an Aloe plant, any kind of aloe will do!

  1. Grab a cup that can hold the amount of clones your going to be taking
  2. Simply snap an inch to two inch piece of aloe off your plant and squeeze out all of the gel into the cup
  3. Fill the cup with water (tap is fine) and mix thoroughly with a whisk or fork.
  4. Take your cannabis clones (any method you prefer)
  5. Place the clones into the solution and soak somewhere with moderate lighting (I use the floor of my veg tent) for 12 hours.
  6. Once done soaking, remove another 3-4in leaf of aloe.
  7. Take the cuttings one at a time, and with light vigorous motions move the base of the stem up and down inside the aloe cuttings, make sure the cuttings rooting area is fully coated with aloe. One aloe leaf can do 20+ cuttings!
  8. Place the cuttings into rockwool or peat and care for them as usual!

That’s it! I have had around an 80% success rate with healthy clones, and there are plenty of growers who’s rates are nearer to 100%. The number one thing to remember is to not skip soaking the clones, as this time is spent soaking up precious salicylic acid!