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Dear Vader Cat.
We have been together a couple years now and you have been great.  We all love you and you have made us all laugh.  Unfortunately you were never mine.  Your image is actually someone else’s creation.  Since you looked like my own cat I felt connected to you and I used your image.  Sadly and reluctantly, it is time to let you go my dear friend.  Thank you for being the face of RASUFA Vader cat!  You are very special to me and I will never forget you!

I was hoping to create an original piece that was more me.  There are tons of logos being made with the same free images, fonts and backgrounds and I wanted this to be unique.  So I reached out to a wall/mural artist named Jorge Gomar who’s work I saw in a friends brewery.  His skull work is what drew me to him.  I love skulls of all types.  He was easy to communicate my ideas to and he brought my design to life perfectly.  You can see some of his work and reach him at Instagram@j.gomar1.

Maybe one day VC will return as an undead kitty skeleton in a mini Vader helmet to be the pet of the new SKULL VADER!

So I hope y’all don’t mind the switch.  I know we are all used to seeing Vader cat, but I always felt guilty utilizing someone else’s image.

Until next time, may y’all find peace, love, harmony, happiness, health and prosperity.  Much love DGC!  Grow-Sift-Preserve🤙🏼