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Hey Guru, Scotty, Dude and grudes (grow+dudes for the super Erie) alike!!!!
What do you think is wrong!!!! Alright so I have a couple different strains. Awkwardly enough all doing the same silly ish!!!! Gators bitches be in coco, amended with down to earth 444, 484 and their bio live. I have given them Recharge twice so far. A little when soaking the pucks and a week after that in water. I gave them a 2ml of a feeding of a part a (1ml) and b (1ml) like a week before all this started happening. Could that have something to do with it maybe somehow?!?!? They are in desperate need of food I am guessing, but being new to this entire thing. I don’t know what’s going on. Any help is greatly appreciated. I have bio bizz and gave them a 1/4 of a feeding because I truly believed they were hungry. I hope THAT was right. Hope these pics help y’all!!! Thanks so much!!!