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Hi guys,

your well illuminated and enlighted Bud McLovin is here.

The LED-Growlight-Market in the US is with Companies like Spectrum King and Pacific Light Concepts in full motion. In addition the number of easy DIY-Kits like the one from living legend Growmau5 is rising.

The BIG problem: It’s hard to get this stuff to germany for a decent price because of shipping and taxes.

That’s the reason why i am looking for alternatives. As you might remember i am “cursed” to use LED because of the stealth factor, low energy cost and the heigth restrictions of my attic.

I found a few options from companies who sell LED for street- and factory lighting as well as manufacturers who produce for the movie- and photo-industry.

After a few days of research I found a very interesting LED and i am thinking of using it as an addition to my SK Closet Case (100 W) in my 5x5x5-Growtent.led

It’s a flexible Panel  (which means i can theoretically wrap it like a blanket around a plant) with 100 Watt, passive cooling, CRI 95 and over 21.000 Lumen at a range of 0,5 Meter. The size of the panel is 40×60 cm and it weights 0,5 Kilogram.

The big advantage is that the LED are bi-color and i can change the spectrum freely between 3000 Kelvin (good for bloom) to 5600 Kelvin (perfect for veg). Also the LED-Panel is splash resistant. The price is around 400 Euro – and that’s cheaper than all those DIY-Kits i can order  (by the way: i am not a big DIY-guy ;-))

For comparison: my SK CC delivers 10.000 Lumen max with 4000 Kelvin.

Now to my QUESTIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONS: What do you think about this LED? Do you have any experience with this kind of Non-Grow-LED?

Cheers and fuck Rammstein!

Bud McLovin