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I’ve been doing a bunch of research and determined I need to monitor my co2, rh, temp ect. but data log it.  I priced the pulse and for 200 bucks it’s fair considering  an auto pilot or cheaper titian monitor will do the same thing, cost more and might  not data log for you,  so winning.  But then I found the Netatmo weather station for 180 bucks,  comes with 2 wifi monitors an indoor and outdoor monitor,  unfortunately the indoor module is the only one the records co2 but you can get an additional indoor module for 80 bucks,  so 260 bucks and you would have 2 monitors that record RH, Co2 ppm, sound db, temp and air  pressure,  the outdoor module only records temp and rh.  so 3 monitors with above specs that all record data in approx 5 min intervals.  The graphs are easy to read.  No matter what you go with I think data logging is a must after using it for just a week.  It is cool to see co2 levels change when I’m in the tent and how long the levels maintain after I leave.  I know not everyone has 260 bucks laying around but this is cool stuff.   In the pic this is the “home page”  when you open the app the 65 in outdoor module in the bloom tent at lights out until I get the additional one so I’m only recording the veg tent for now…just more time to play.