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Hey guys! First time indoor grower minus one Smokey outdoor 2020 grow. I’m in a 2×3 with a 1000w marshydro, at about day 65 of flower on my blue dream photo period. I am flushing and have some great fall colors coming on. I looked today and noticed some new pistols forming on a few of the buds. Not sure if this is fox tailing from previous stress. Light change from t5 to the 1000w at flower flip? Not sure, thought I was getting close to harvest, now worried I should let it go another week. Trip homes are still clearish, some damages tru homes and some trichomes turning purple even. Here are the photos, any and all feedback is appreciated.

S.O.S save our soil

Need to get on the Recharge game out in Oregon!

thanks guys, keep up the good work!